Thursday, April 19, 2012

Common Core Flip Books for Math
Click here to go to Website
Once the webpage loads, scroll down to find a list of flip books!

 Before Common Core Standards, my state, Kansas, created flip books aligned to the state standards.  I used mine quite often and found it to be very helpful.  Now with the new Common Core Standards that old flip book was pretty much useless.

So imagine my delight when the math coach in our district shared a brand new, hot off the presses, link to a Common Core Flip book.  The flip book was created by Melisa Hancock.  It follows the format of our previous Flip Book.  I think it will be a great resource...especially these first few years as we get acquainted with Common Core.

The picture above shows my brand new Flip Book.  Directions on how to assemble are on the first page.  She suggests you use card stock, but I just used regular paper.  What I will probably end up doing is printing a second one on cardstock, have it laminated and then bind it across the top.  This will make it durable for the long haul.

If you would like to print a copy of your own, click on my photo.  You will be linked to the site.  You'll need to scroll down the page a bit.  You'll see that she has created Flip Books for grades K-8.


  1. Hi there - your blog is ADORABLE! I just love the pink school buses! I am your newest follower and so happy to come across you. Come on over and visit me sometime when you get a moment. :o)
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  3. I was searching for some math stuff and came across your blog in a search - funny thing is that the author of the math flipbooks is one of my best friends - she is a math nut! Glad you are using them - me too!!

  4. How wild is that? Well, be sure to tell her Thank You! I love my flip book :)