Zero the Hero–Working with Multiplication Patterns

I keep plugging along with Common Core math.  It is really quite amazing how different the curriculum is compared to what we had previously taught in 5th grade in our state.  I am, however, finding it much more interesting, engaging and yes, challenging.  I think my students are as well!

Yesterday, I created what I am calling a “Zero Can Be Your Hero” pack.  Clever, huh?  Not really, I’m sure I’d probably heard it before somewhere, someplace.  It did make my kids chuckle though, so maybe it will stick.

My “Zero Can Be Your Hero” pack, which is available at both my TPT and TN stores,  focuses on multiplication patterns when multiplying multiples of 10’s, 100’s and so on.  After showing the kids why it works, I broke it down into 3 easy steps.  The pack includes a half page handout which lists the steps.  Each sheet contains two handouts.  The handout would fit perfectly in a math journal or stand alone.

Also, included is a tri-fold foldable, which also lists the three steps plus provides some practice.  It too would work well in a math journal.  Note to self:  Pay attention when copying the foldable…the cover needs to be run upside down and the inside right side up in order for it to fold up properly!


And finally, the packet contains a two-sided practice page (plus answer key).

I hope your students enjoy “Zero Can Be Your Hero” as much as mine did 🙂

As Always…
Wishing you the Best!

Mrs. B


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