Time-Saving Tip For Creating an Online Test in Socrative

So, today I discovered a nifty trick that sped up the process of entering a test into the Socrative program.  Now for anyone that is a ‘Socrative beginner’, I would recommend you check out The Socrative User Guide for information on creating an account and getting started with Socrative.

In the past, when I needed to create a new test/quiz in Socrative, I have gone to my Socrative Teacher account on my laptop, logged in and then clicked “Manage Quizzes” in the upper left.

Socrative dashboard.

From here I have always selected “Create Quiz”.

2016-02-18 (3)

After navigating from the Dashboard to the Manage Quizzes tab, the teacher has several options.

Once open, I would begin the process of entering my quiz/test name, questions, multiple choice answers, etc.  While this process does work, I have found it to be somewhat ‘glitchy’ at times.  For instance, it won’t let me go back to a previous question unless I have completely finished the question I am currently working on.  Okay, maybe ‘glitchy’ isn’t the right word…tedious might be more appropriate.

2016-02-18 (5)

Creating a quiz within the Socrative program.

So today, instead of clicking “Create Quiz” just for hoots and hollers, I clicked “Import Quiz”.

2016-02-18 (6)

Selecting the import quiz option.

I have to admit I was disappointed.  At first, I didn’t see anything that was likely to improve the speed at which I was going to be able to enter my quiz/test information.  I didn’t have any quizzes to import and to be honest, I try to avoid working in Excel if at all possible.  It is just not a program I have ever felt the need to master.  But…then I saw it…tucked just under “Import a Socrative quiz from an Excel file”…the words…Download the Excel Template here.

2016-02-18 (7)

Quizzes can be shared among teachers or imported from and Excel file. Below “Import a Socrative quiz from an Excel file” is an Excel Template.

So, did I click it?  You bet I did!  And what I found was exactly what I had been looking for!  A easier way to enter my information.

2016-02-18 (8)

After opening the Excel Template, the teacher begins filling the appropriate fields in with test/quiz data.

Using the Excel template easily saved 15 minutes of my time.  Now, I am not going to lie, the entire time I was putting the data in the fields I had a nagging feeling that it wasn’t going to import properly.  I was sure that when I opened the imported test in Socrative, it would be a jumbled mess.  But it wasn’t!  It was just the way I wanted it.

2016-02-18 (9)

Data is entered and the template is ready to be imported into Socrative.

2016-02-18 (12)

Imported data is filtered seamlessly into Socrative.

After I imported the test, I was able to go in and tweak a few things like entering the answers to my open-ended questions.  An additional bonus of using Excel was that I had much easier access to math symbols such as the traditional division symbol.

2016-02-18 (13)

Any of the data can easily be edited after import.

I have a total of 70 students taking this test tomorrow.  The beautiful thing…with just a short amount of time spent up front, I will spend absolutely NO time grading!  Now that is what I call a win-win!

As Always…Wishing you the Best!

Mrs. B


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