Organization in the Classroom is Key

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For several years now I have been getting super organized by using a teacher binder.   In this binder, I literally keep everything I use on a daily basis in my classroom.  Ever since, I can truly say my overall organization has greatly improved.

l1I usually start thinking about the upcoming school year in March.  That is about the time our district approves the calendar for the upcoming year.  So, for me, it is the perfect time to start the process organizing the structure of the upcoming year as well.  The more I can tackle prior to summer, the more I am able to truly relax during the summer.

My current theme is red, black and white in my classroom…and I love it!  I plan to continue with this theme for the upcoming year.   I have several different binder themes available in my store.  Once you purchase a teacher binder kit, you are able to get the free calendar updates year after year!


If “This Binder Belongs To” is not what you want for wording, just select the blank template and type whatever you’d like.  There are also blank spines which can accompany your front cover to create a eye-catching binder.


The kit comes with editable templates that can be adapted to meet the needs of individual teachers.  I used the blank cover to create a whiteboard lesson cover just for me.


I usually place my attendance sheets in front of my binder.  This is a logical placement for me, simply because taking attendance is the very first thing I do each and every day.  The attendance sheets are available in both editable (Power Point) or write in (PDF) forms.  I started filling in dates, etc. on the 1st quarter (below) but only printed part of it because I will type in my student names as well once I have my class list.  Each attendance quarter is a double page spread, which makes totaling attendance at the end of the quarter easier (You are seeing the right side.  The left side is a mirror image.)  You’ll notice that I inserted Inservice, Labor Day No School…you can customize yours too!

This product also contains 5 different variations on Lesson plans.  Pictured is the template I use in my classroom, but other options are available.  Each template is editable.



There are 3 different calendar options available with this binder.  The first (below) is a typical calendar page.  This calendar format is included as a editable file, so you are able to type your calendar events onto the calendar.


The other two formats come in PDF format only (below).  The user would print either or both of these out and then write information on the appropriate calendar.

IMG_2443 IMG_2444

Also in PDF format is a daily planner (below).  Again, information would be written in the daily planner.  Note that each week also includes an inspirational quote…just a little something extra to help get you through the work week 🙂


All my binder product contains so much more.  Divider pages, student health information, parent contact information, student usernames/passwords. To see a list of them all be sure to visit the product page and read the description.  I will leave you with just a few more pictures!


Editable checklist is included in all binder kits.


Each binder kit contains a master login page for the teacher and a half page login sheet for each student.


Keep track of test results with this test data sheet included in each kit.


Divider pages commonly used in most classrooms are included. Just print!


Just type your name and print!


Divider page from the popular “Pirate-Themed” Kit

I have four styles available to choose from.  I am sure one will be PERFECT for you!  Happy organizing!

As Always…Wishing you the Best!

Mrs. B

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