Organize Materials Now to Get a Head Start on Next Year!

If you are like me, you are probably gathering more and more teaching resources online.  While those resources are wonderful, I seem to have difficulty finding that wonderful resource a month later or even a year later when I want to use it!

I bookmark sites, download and save a PDF and even like a page on Facebook, but it never fails when I really could use it, I just can’t put my finger on it.  And the truth is, when I need it…I need it RIGHT away, lol!

Maybe I am the only one with this problem, but my gut tells me I am not.  So, today I want to share how I have become a more efficient teacher by storing those online resources in binders.

While I pride myself in being very technologically advanced (chuckle), I still find it necessary to have a hard copy of materials I use in my room.  I chalk that up to being more of a concrete learner.  For example, I am only now getting used to reading books on an e-reader.  In addition, I have found most teachers I talk to are the very same way.

With this in mind, rather than saving an online resource to a folder on my desktop for use in the future, I print a copy.  If it’s a website, I take a snippet using my snipping tool, of both the web address and the home page.  This not only gives me the address, but serves as a reminder as to what the site is about.

As I accumulate these resources, I three-ring hole punch the copies and file in a binder that corresponds to the topic.  I also keep a sheet of lined paper in the binder for recording any additional thoughts, notes, etc.  And, the resources that go in the binder aren’t restricted to online resources only.  We all have those resource books we’ve purchased only to find one or two pages that we’ll ever use.  Why not make a photocopy of those pages and file them in a binder on that topic.  Again, the key is to have everything at your fingertips.

I would not suggest you go through all your resources this summer and place them in binders.  Instead why not prepare your binders and then as you go through the school year, place those resources you use and find valuable into the appropriate binder.  Then next year…well, look out!  You’ll be so organized you won’t be able to stand yourself, lol!

Now is the time, however to get those binders ready.  My binder covers and divider pages are colorful.  So colorful, in fact, that teachers and students often comment how pretty my binders look.  Of course the real value is what is inside, looking good is just a nice little bonus.

I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of my favorite binder covers along with matching spines.  And the good news is, all the covers you are about to see are included in a product in my TPT store:  Binder Covers and Coordinating Spines – Editable…Just Type Your Text! 

So, keep in mind, all the text you see in the following binders is completely editable!  You can customize the words to say whatever you want it to say.  You can also change the text size, font and color.  And, you are not limited to the text field I have inserted.  You can insert more text fields as needed.

Notice that each binder cover also has a coordinating spine! (above)

Once you find a cover you like, why not make binder dividers with that same design?  Just change the text and you are ready to go!  This can be done with any of the 10 styles. (above)

Many chevron and polka dots with this particular set of styles.

Black and white with red accents seems to be a very popular color combination lately. (above)

Remember each of the ten designs comes with it’s own set of matching spines.  Simply select the size that will best fit in the binder you will be using.  Note that for smaller binders some additional trimming of the smallest spine may be needed…but it should only be slight.

 Hopefully, this post and pictures has sparked some ideas for getting yourself organized for the coming school year…and many years to come!  Need even more to choose from?  Try Binder Covers and Coordinating Spines 2 – Editable!  Type Your Text.

Until Next Time…Wishing You the BEST!

Mrs. B

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