Divisibility Rules

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The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Divisibility Rules Pack for use in my own classroom.

Common Core emphasizes the need to develop mental math strategies with students.  Understanding the divisibility rules will allow students to begin the process of making math connections and help to strengthen mental math skills.

My 5th grade students had never been introduced to most of these divisibility rules, so I chose to teach them one at a time.  Slowly, over the course of a semester, I introduced each one, giving them time to practice and master each before moving on to the next.

Some are obviously easier than others, so I chose to start with those (divisibility rules 2, 5, 10) first.  I did not teach the rules in numerical order, but rather by order of difficulty.

This pack includes 10 single-flap, Individual Divisibility Rules Foldables.  Rules include, divisibility rule for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12.  The inside of all of these foldables could be enlarged and used as a poster for your classroom.  To learn how to make a poster be sure to visit my Making Posters post.

Inside of each Individual Divisibility Foldable (2 per sheet).
Outside of each Individual Divisibility Foldable (2 per sheet).
Each Individual Divisibility Foldable Assembled and Folded
Each Individual Divisibility Foldable Cut Apart

Also included are two foldables that summarize five divisibility rules each.  These foldables would work well with older students that have already been taught the divisibility rules, but just need a resource to refer to.

Inside Combined Divisibility Rules (5 per foldable)
Outside Combined Divisibility Rules (5 per foldable)
Assembled and folding begun.
Assembled, Folded and Cut

I have also included ten, 18 question, worksheets to accompany each divisibility rule. An answer key is also provided.

18 question practice page for each rule (2 per sheet).  Answer Key provided.
Individual practice pages cut apart.

If you are interested in purchasing a Divisibility Rules Pack for your classroom, please visit my TpT Store or my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

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