Division Strategy: Decomposing the Dividend

The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Decomposing the Dividend Strategy pack for use with students and with parents.

I am quickly finding out that Common Core stresses not only arming students with a variety of strategies to solve a problem, but also stresses fostering the use of mental math whenever possible.

The Decomposing the Dividend Strategy encourages students to break the dividend into parts that can be divided  easily.  The long-term goal of this method is for students to solve the division problem mentally.  In my experience, it will take a great deal of practice before students will master the ability to solve the problem mentally using this method.   I do find, however, that with modeling and a great deal of practice that my higher achieving math students will pick up on the strategy and  choose to use it.

I have also sent a foldable home for parents to have available as a resource they can use when working with their child.

This newly created packet contains a tri-fold foldable (front and back) that shows how the strategy works. It would make a wonderful resource for both students and parents.

Tri-Fold Foldable (Front cover is upside down for easier copying).
Foldable all assembled and folded.  Ready for a math journal.

Also included is a 2-sided practice page as well as a detailed answer key.

Front and back of 2-sided practice page.  The front side of practice page provides the student with some information so as to guide them through the steps.
Also included is a detailed answer key.
Complete Decomposing the Dividend Packet.

If you are interested in purchasing a Decomposing the Dividend Strategy pack for use in your own classroom, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store or my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.

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