Lattice Method of Multiplication

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One of the main ideas behind the Common Core Initiative was to give students the strategies necessary to become effective problem solvers.  Along with this premise, students are taught various strategies or methods.  They learn that there are many ways to get the answer.

With this thought in mind, I am teaching my student’s a variety of strategies they can use to solve a multiplication problem.  One of those ways is the Lattice Method (aka:  Gelosia Method).  If you are not familiar with this method, you can find a variety of very good online videos that demonstrate the method.  I am currently teaching this method to my students and they LOVE it 🙂

I created a Lattice Method Packet to use with my students.  This packet can be found at either my Teachers Pay Teachers Store or my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

The packet includes a 1 page handout that lists the steps along with a 2 page worksheet.  The handout can be enlarged to poster size.  For directions, see my blog post about Making Posters

 The packet also includes a 2 page foldable which could stand alone or by used in a math journal.  Note: When making the foldable, the teacher should cut a portion of the template off (as indicated by the gray line) before distributing to students.  This allows for a nicer fit in a math journal.

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