Using Benchmark Decimals to Estimate

Conferences are over, yeah!  I finally had some time to get busy and create one of the many ideas floating around in this brain of mine, lol.

Last week our 5th grade math lesson involved rounding decimals to the nearest benchmark decimal to estimate.  While many of the students caught on and actually thought it was fun, others really seemed to struggle.  Our book, however, only had one lesson on the topic.  This prompted me to create some additional materials to help supplement and provide those still needing help with additional practice.

I just posted this pack, “Using Benchmark Decimals to Estimate Sums and Differences Foldable & More” at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and at my Teacher’s Notebook Store.


First up to a Tri-Fold Foldable:



Folded Up

Opened Up


Next up is a sheet containing a Jumbo number line and a mini number line:

Sheet straight from the printer

Have students cut on dotted lines.  Glue the Jumbo number line together.  Add the decimals.

I also included a larger two-sided sheet that explains the process in greater detail.

And last, but not least, is a two-sided worksheet (with answer key) for the students to practice the skill.

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