Working with Decimals

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Next week, my 5th graders will be starting Chapter #3 in our math series.  The chapter focuses on decimals.  Comparing decimals, rounding decimals, adding subtracting decimals, etc.

To prepare for this upcoming chapter, I created 4 decimal foldables for our math journals.  I am really excited to try them out.  I do think that I will probably cut the division one apart and present each piece in isolation.  No need to completely overwhelm them.

I choose not to use color when creating my foldables.  Seriously, no teacher I know can afford to run color copies for their students.  I do, however, run my copies on colored paper.  Gives it a nice touch at a much more affordable price.

All four are for sale at my teacher stores on TPT or Teacher’s Notebook  If you like what you see, please stop by and check it out.

Below are several pictures:

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