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Organize Materials Now to Get a Head Start on Next Year!

If you are like me, you are probably gathering more and more teaching resources online.  While those resources are wonderful, I seem to have difficulty finding that wonderful resource a month later or even a year later when I want to use it! I bookmark sites, download and save a PDF and even like a page on Facebook, but it… Read more »

Organization in the Classroom is Key

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For several years now I have been getting super organized by using a teacher binder.   In this binder, I literally keep everything I use on a daily basis in my classroom.  Ever since, I can truly say my overall organization has greatly improved. I usually start thinking about the upcoming school year in March.  That is about the time our… Read more »

No Doubts…

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Many years ago, I visited a 5th grade classroom and the first thing I noticed was a poster.  This poster stated, “All Homework is Due Tomorrow Morning!”  Now there was more than one of these posters, in fact it was plastered on every wall, so no matter where you looked you saw it. At the time, I thought this was… Read more »

Encouraging the Use of the Properties of Math

If there is one thing my math students know by the end of the year, it is the properties of math.  While they may not always be able to apply a property, they certainly do what they are all called and the meaning of each. Why?  Because I make a point of pointing out examples in our daily math work. … Read more »

Cute, Quick, Simple & Cheap Desk Privacy Folders

Privacy folders can be purchased, but they certainly are expensive.  And, I must admit if I had my students using the privacy folders a great deal, I would shell out the money and purchase a set. However, in my math classroom, we much of our time collaborating and the need for privacy isn’t a priority.  About the only time privacy… Read more »