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Common Core Binder & Tracker: Putting It All Together

I am so excited to continue the process of adding to my Common Core math binder this coming school year.  Last year I began the process of building my binder.  First, I printed the contents of my Get Organized! 5th Grade Common Core Math Binder & Tracker with Editable Pages.  Once I had the pages I wanted printed, I began… Read more »

Organize Materials Now to Get a Head Start on Next Year!

If you are like me, you are probably gathering more and more teaching resources online.  While those resources are wonderful, I seem to have difficulty finding that wonderful resource a month later or even a year later when I want to use it! I bookmark sites, download and save a PDF and even like a page on Facebook, but it… Read more »

Organization in the Classroom is Key

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For several years now I have been getting super organized by using a teacher binder.   In this binder, I literally keep everything I use on a daily basis in my classroom.  Ever since, I can truly say my overall organization has greatly improved. I usually start thinking about the upcoming school year in March.  That is about the time our… Read more »

Cute, Quick, Simple & Cheap Desk Privacy Folders

Privacy folders can be purchased, but they certainly are expensive.  And, I must admit if I had my students using the privacy folders a great deal, I would shell out the money and purchase a set. However, in my math classroom, we much of our time collaborating and the need for privacy isn’t a priority.  About the only time privacy… Read more »

Making the Distributive Property Work for You

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The new Common Core Standards promote teaching students a variety of ways to solve a problem. Using the various properties of math are utilized a great deal. Most of my students catch on to the Communative, Associative, etc. But the Distributive really causes a great deal of frustration. I created this tri-fold handout for my students to use as a… Read more »