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Students Don’t Always Know HOW to Use a Resource

As an adult, I can figure out how to do almost anything if I am able look at an example.  I would bet that you are the exact same way. So when I started teaching fifth grade math, I decided that having resources available for my students would be the perfect way to get them the help they need when… Read more »

Visualizing Customary Capacity

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Tis’ the season to teach measurement it seems!  Over the years, I have used a variety of visuals to illustrate customary capacity.  Everything from “The Gallon Tree”, “Big G”, “Gallon Robot”, “Capacity Flip” and even “Gallon Clown” has been in the lesson plan.  While all these resources serve as great visuals, my favorite, especially for 5th grade, is the one… Read more »

Time-Saving Tip For Creating an Online Test in Socrative

So, today I discovered a nifty trick that sped up the process of entering a test into the Socrative program.  Now for anyone that is a ‘Socrative beginner’, I would recommend you check out The Socrative User Guide for information on creating an account and getting started with Socrative. In the past, when I needed to create a new test/quiz… Read more »

Area and Volume Ah-Ha Moment

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Recently, I was working with my students on both calculating the area and volume of cubes and rectangular prisms.  Most were catching on fine until the dreaded missing measure type problem reared it’s ugly head. If you teach upper elementary math, you know the type of problem I am referring to.   It looks a little something like this: Or like… Read more »

Making Your Favorite Teaching Resources Digital

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Those of us that have been teaching for a number of years usually have resources that are our favorites.  Resources that have stood the test of time as they say.  So, what happens when those same teachers are encouraged to go digital, but the resources they want to use are on paper?  Don’t worry, help is on the way.  Today,… Read more »

Launching the Less Paper Classroom

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The 2015-2016 school year marked the start of a brand new adventure for this veteran teacher of 27 years.  Like many other teachers across the country, I started the year with 25 iPads, one for each of my students and one for myself.  In addition, I was given an Apple TV to use with my Smartboard.  To say the task… Read more »

Students Are Independent Learners When Using QR Codes

I have found that incorporating QR codes into various assignments and activities, not only peaks student engagement but it allows for independent learning.  In addition, it allows the teacher more time to work individually with students without interruption. While I have several different activities that include QR codes, one that I use on a daily basis, is  Solve & Check. … Read more »

Assembly and Use of a Pokey Porcupine Poke Game

Today I would like to share with you one of my students’ favorite games…a Poke Game!  For those of you not familiar, the concept is REALLY simple. So simple, in fact, it is hard to believe that students enjoy it as much as they do.  But, then again, as teachers we know that the most simple things can sometimes capture… Read more »

Encouraging the Use of the Properties of Math

If there is one thing my math students know by the end of the year, it is the properties of math.  While they may not always be able to apply a property, they certainly do what they are all called and the meaning of each. Why?  Because I make a point of pointing out examples in our daily math work. … Read more »