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Equation Parts

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I have found that even 5th graders still seem to struggle with equation vocabulary:  Product, sum, difference, etc. So, I made 4 equation parts foldables for their math journals.  One for each computation.  Students will be allowed to use the foldables as a resource when completing math assignments.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range Foldable

I created a new foldable for my classroom this weekend.  It defines and shows examples of finding mean, median, mode, range, minimum value and maximum value. Front side… Back side… Folded up… Cut on dotted lines… And you’ve got a foldable! Other options…run a blank template and a ‘parts’ page.  Have students cut out the parts and assemble the foldable… Read more »

Making the Distributive Property Work for You

The new Common Core Standards promote teaching students a variety of ways to solve a problem. Using the various properties of math are utilized a great deal. Most of my students catch on to the Communative, Associative, etc. But the Distributive really causes a great deal of frustration. I created this tri-fold handout for my students to use as a… Read more »

Working with Decimals

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Next week, my 5th graders will be starting Chapter #3 in our math series.  The chapter focuses on decimals.  Comparing decimals, rounding decimals, adding subtracting decimals, etc. To prepare for this upcoming chapter, I created 4 decimal foldables for our math journals.  I am really excited to try them out.  I do think that I will probably cut the division… Read more »

Lattice Method of Multiplication

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One of the main ideas behind the Common Core Initiative was to give students the strategies necessary to become effective problem solvers.  Along with this premise, students are taught various strategies or methods.  They learn that there are many ways to get the answer. With this thought in mind, I am teaching my student’s a variety of strategies they can… Read more »

Using Benchmark Decimals to Estimate

Conferences are over, yeah!  I finally had some time to get busy and create one of the many ideas floating around in this brain of mine, lol. Last week our 5th grade math lesson involved rounding decimals to the nearest benchmark decimal to estimate.  While many of the students caught on and actually thought it was fun, others really seemed… Read more »

Division Strategy: Decomposing the Dividend

The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Decomposing the Dividend Strategy pack for use with students and with parents. I am quickly finding out that Common Core stresses not only arming students with a variety of strategies to solve a problem, but also stresses fostering the use of mental math whenever possible. The Decomposing the… Read more »

Divisibility Rules

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The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Divisibility Rules Pack for use in my own classroom. Common Core emphasizes the need to develop mental math strategies with students.  Understanding the divisibility rules will allow students to begin the process of making math connections and help to strengthen mental math skills. My 5th grade students had… Read more »

Two Methods to Teach Prime Factorization

As we are all discovering, the new Common Core Standards for Math stress the importance of teaching students a variety of strategies for a particular skill.  It is then up to the student to choose which strategy they feel most comfortable using. I have used two different strategies to teach prime factorization in my classroom.  The ‘tree method’ works from… Read more »