Exponents and Base Ten Foldable

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I created this foldable for my 5th grade students Math Journals. Before Common Core, 5th graders in our state were not introduced to exponents so this is a brand new concept for most all my students. I feel this foldable gives students a basic understanding of exponents and serves as a valuable resource they can use throughout the school year…. Read more »

Give It a Quirky Name…And You’ll Hook ‘Em!

One thing about teaching in the upper grades if you do, or say, something off-beat they tend to remember it.  Even if it is completely unintentionally off-beat, or strange, or quirky, or weird, they’ll remember it. So why not use this knowledge to our advantage?  Once I made the discovery, I began to take advantage of it every time I… Read more »

Teaching a New Division Strategy

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The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Partial Quotient Strategy pack for use with students and with parents–yes, parents ! I will get to parents shortly, but first…Common Core stresses arming students with a variety of strategies to solve a problem.  This includes division.  Now, I’m an old-timer, and as an old-timer, I believe that… Read more »

Common Core Binder & Tracker: Putting It All Together

I am so excited to continue the process of adding to my Common Core math binder this coming school year.  Last year I began the process of building my binder.  First, I printed the contents of my Get Organized! 5th Grade Common Core Math Binder & Tracker with Editable Pages.  Once I had the pages I wanted printed, I began… Read more »

Organize Materials Now to Get a Head Start on Next Year!

If you are like me, you are probably gathering more and more teaching resources online.  While those resources are wonderful, I seem to have difficulty finding that wonderful resource a month later or even a year later when I want to use it! I bookmark sites, download and save a PDF and even like a page on Facebook, but it… Read more »

Organization in the Classroom is Key

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For several years now I have been getting super organized by using a teacher binder.   In this binder, I literally keep everything I use on a daily basis in my classroom.  Ever since, I can truly say my overall organization has greatly improved. I usually start thinking about the upcoming school year in March.  That is about the time our… Read more »

Students Don’t Always Know HOW to Use a Resource

As an adult, I can figure out how to do almost anything if I am able look at an example.  I would bet that you are the exact same way. So when I started teaching fifth grade math, I decided that having resources available for my students would be the perfect way to get them the help they need when… Read more »

Visualizing Customary Capacity

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Tis’ the season to teach measurement it seems!  Over the years, I have used a variety of visuals to illustrate customary capacity.  Everything from “The Gallon Tree”, “Big G”, “Gallon Robot”, “Capacity Flip” and even “Gallon Clown” has been in the lesson plan.  While all these resources serve as great visuals, my favorite, especially for 5th grade, is the one… Read more »