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Division Strategy: Decomposing the Dividend

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The new Common Core Standards for Math prompted me to create this Decomposing the Dividend Strategy pack for use with students and with parents. I am quickly finding out that Common Core stresses not only arming students with a variety of strategies to solve a problem, but also stresses fostering the use of mental math whenever possible. The Decomposing the… Read more »

Zero the Hero–Working with Multiplication Patterns

I keep plugging along with Common Core math.  It is really quite amazing how different the curriculum is compared to what we had previously taught in 5th grade in our state.  I am, however, finding it much more interesting, engaging and yes, challenging.  I think my students are as well! Yesterday, I created what I am calling a “Zero Can… Read more »

Properties of Addition and Multiplication Fold-Out

I’ve decided to be a part of  ‘all the rage’ and have my students build Math Journals this year! The 5th grade math curriculum has changed quite a bit due to the new Common Core Standards.  With our old state standards, we really didn’t focus too much on Properties of Addition and Multiplication.  It, however, is covered fairly extensively in… Read more »