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Visualizing Customary Capacity

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Tis’ the season to teach measurement it seems!  Over the years, I have used a variety of visuals to illustrate customary capacity.  Everything from “The Gallon Tree”, “Big G”, “Gallon Robot”, “Capacity Flip” and even “Gallon Clown” has been in the lesson plan.  While all these resources serve as great visuals, my favorite, especially for 5th grade, is the one… Read more »

Area and Volume Ah-Ha Moment

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Recently, I was working with my students on both calculating the area and volume of cubes and rectangular prisms.  Most were catching on fine until the dreaded missing measure type problem reared it’s ugly head. If you teach upper elementary math, you know the type of problem I am referring to.   It looks a little something like this: Or like… Read more »