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Launching the Less Paper Classroom

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The 2015-2016 school year marked the start of a brand new adventure for this veteran teacher of 27 years.  Like many other teachers across the country, I started the year with 25 iPads, one for each of my students and one for myself.  In addition, I was given an Apple TV to use with my Smartboard.  To say the task… Read more »

Students Are Independent Learners When Using QR Codes

I have found that incorporating QR codes into various assignments and activities, not only peaks student engagement but it allows for independent learning.  In addition, it allows the teacher more time to work individually with students without interruption. While I have several different activities that include QR codes, one that I use on a daily basis, is  Solve & Check. … Read more »

Stimulating Motivation Using QR Codes

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Do you find it difficult to motivate students to practice their math skills.  I know I sure did, that is until I started using QR codes in my classroom.  There is something about being able to use a QR reader and scan the QR codes to check your answer that actually makes students want to do the work! I am… Read more »